Announcing BACS H3i Exhibition and conference featuring ingredients and formulations for household and industrial products and institutional cleaners


BACS H3i Organising Office

The Household, Industrial & Institutional Ingredients (H3i)exhibition and conference is organised by the United Kingdom British Association of Chemical Specialties (BACS) and Step Exhibitions. This event features ingredients for performance enhancement in home care and industrial products and institutional cleaners.Innovation and development in raw materials is continually leading to products that are time saving, more effective andless aggressive to materials, skin and the environment. Every year new products are launched which make life much easier.BACS H3i will cover all aspects of ingredients used in home care, industrial products and institutional cleaners to offer an interactive meeting format that contains the most up-to-date and innovative information on formulations and applications.As products move with market forces and consumer perceptions drive changes so innovation increases in importance - dominating product development. Consequently, formulation concepts and expertise are essential requirements for formulators working in the HI&I market. And it is this demand that BACS is seeking to meet with BACS H3i. ...