Convenience: a key value for manufacturers and consumers


Cognis GmbH – now part of BASF, Rheinpromenade 1, Monheim, 40789, Germany

After a busy day at work or a long traffi c jam the prospect of getting home feels good. People often feel a sense of relief when they open the front door, their home being a refuge for relaxation. One room in particular functions as a retreat for a lot of people: the bathroom and its toilet. With an average use of six times a day, the toilet is not only one of the most important items in the household, but also one of the most personal ones. As such, a clean toilet that works well is vital to people’s personal hygiene and overall sense of well-being. But keeping toilets clean, residue-free and shiny often proves to be a challenge. Over time, light and dark stains can appear on the bowl surface that are diffi cult to get rid of. The most typical type of stain is limescale deposits, which are common in areas where the water is “very hard”. The amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water is higher, which causes deposit build-ups and gives the impression of a dirty toilet bowl. Further stains are soap scum stains as residues of fatty acid soaps that precipitate in hard water leaving an undesirable residue upon the toilet bowl surface. Considering today’s ...