Anti-Pollution testing trends


Anne Charpentier
Skinobs testing platform, France

The era of air pollution started few decades ago and it is unfortunately a major environmental risk to public health in the worldwide megacities. Each week has its new information about peaks of polluted air in Europe, Asia or America. The human activities impact our environment and become a stress factor for the nature preservation and the Human living conditions. Primary association with respiratory problems have been considered with also well-known impact on the DNA and the skin premature ageing by epigenetic mechanisms mainly.


The pollution has various origins: agriculture, energy production, natural phenomena (volcano eruption, road transport, fuel combustion, methane synthesis... and the list is so long!).


The 1st anti-pollution skin care was launched in1995 by Clarins with a pioneering role of the cosmetics brand. And since 2014 as confirmation of this uncontrolled trend, the anti-pollution skincare product increased by 40% in Asia pacific region.


Nowadays, the major pollution components influencing the good condition of the skin which are studied are the pollutants present in the air. ...