Skin moisturizing: How to choose the best assay


Elena Bocchietto
Director of the testing facility – Abich

Stefano Todeschi


To keep skin healthier and younger, the very first thing we need to do is maintain a good level of hydration. It may seem obvious, but the importance of this simple fact is often underestimated. As an example, people tends to believe that gel and water rich products are a better way to hydrate the skin, while actually we do not have to supply water to the skin from an outside source. The moisture reaches the skin from the inner tissue, and we need to avoid water loss. Our skin receives water from body fluids, and it is built up as a very specialized organ to regulate the perspiration through trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). The hydrolipidic film in the stratum corneum, and the whole epidermis in physiological conditions, work as a barrier to avoid excessive water loss from the body. Sometimes this barrier function is compromised, like for example in some pathological conditions (dermatitis, inflammation, xerosis), when exposed to climatic stress (wind, sun, high temperature) or when skin is ageing and getting less sensible to hormonal stimuli. The right level of skin hydration makes the skin appearance smoother, tighter and plump. Filming ingredients, emollients and oils are g ...