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AssuriTEA Innovation in tea


Tea antioxidants are associated with positive health benefits and are perceived by the general population as “healthy”and “good for you”. In vitro and in vivo studies have shown the ability of green and black tea to scavenge free radicals (1),prevent or decrease the formation of oxidative products as well as modulate the activity and levels of antioxidant enzymes(2-4). Human trials confirmed the significant increase in plasma antioxidant capacity upon consumption of green orblack tea brew (5-7).In a time where consumers are looking to improve their health with products that are natural, safe and environmentallyfriendly, there is space for innovation, and the tea market is not an exception.AssuriTEATM is the new family of products of Kemin Health, L.C., comprising AssuriTEATM Green, a green tea extract, andAssuriTEATM Wellbeing, a proprietary blend of green and black tea extracts.AssuriTEA is a brand of 100 percent water-extracted, all natural, high quality tea extracts that offer the benefits of atraditional brewed tea. The tea varieties are carefully selected from cultivars grown, harvested and processed understrictly controlled pesticides and contaminants surveillance ...

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