BIOLIFESCIENCE – The red diamond amongst antioxidants – natural astaxanthin for a healthy, glowing skin


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Have you ever seen a puddle of water that seemed to be turning red? Or a dark red stain in a bird bath or fountain? You might have been looking at algae making astaxanthin. They make it when times are hard – when their puddle is drying out, nutrients are low, or the sunlight is too intense. It helps them survive harsh conditions, and as it turns out, we can learn from them.


Our cells have a hard time, exposed to the light, and the air, and all the dirt that life throws at us. Oxidative stress is a big topic in cosmetics and antioxidants are a must in anti-ageing products. Astaxanthin is the strongest known natural antioxidant, many times more efficient than Vitamins C or E, or even Q10. Also, unlike some of the others, it has no pro-oxidant activity. Its special che ... ...