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Avecia Capacity Expansion 3000+


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Nitto Avecia (Avecia) has strategically eliminated the shortage of oligonucleotide manufacturing capacity available to our clients globally. The combined oligonucleotide manufacturing capacity in Milford MA and Cincinnati OH is now above 3000mmol. Avecia has executed this expansion strategy on its solid foundation as the leading contract manufacturing organization (CMO) in the oligonucleotide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) marketplace. In this dynamic field, Avecia continues to innovate by relying on its oligonucleotide expertise, process validation experience with 12 process performance qualifications (PPQs) completed, Regulatory compliance and commitment to providing Quality products and service to our clients.

The facility opening in August 2017 signaled the successful completion of Avecia’s newest and largest expansio ... ...

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