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Sabinsa – Role of dietary supplements on health and beauty


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In the present era, consumers are aware of the importance of good nutrition and its relation to health and beauty. Dietary supplements which provide added health benefit along with nutrition to the body are well known since ages. Nutricosmetics are the nutrient components which have a dual action as nutrients and cosmetics. It has been shown that they function at the basal level to ameliorate the various pathological conditions providing good health. Their effect is indirect through the improvement of holistic health. They promote the concept of beauty through a healthy body. These products have active ingredients, which offer a vital link between the health and cosmetic properties of nutritional ingredients.

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The major drives for the nutricosmetics are the growing demand for cosmetics with natural ingredients, growing concern for healthy aging, and changing beauty perceptions & trends. Majority of the consumers are now understanding that beauty is more about how they feel than appearance, and healthier they are and the better they look. This idea has rose the beauty market to a wider range of consumers and opened the unique need that is being met by the nutricosmetic industry.

The beauty from inside out concept is well known in Ayurveda and the beauty concept starts from mother’s womb. It is believed that toxic materials inside the body make abnormal growth and development. Hence purification (shodhana) is the best practice to eliminate body toxins (1). The ...

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