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In recent years Res Pharma S.r.l. has consolidated it’s reputation as a manufacturer of innovative natural orientated cosmetic ingredients. Present on the Italian market since 1962, today Res Pharma manufactures and distributes products worldwide. Innovation & development are at the heart of Res Pharma’s philosophy concentrating on four principle research areas: new ingredients, new forms of “cosmetics”, new active ingredients, new functionalities. Every part of the cosmetic industry is effected: from personal hygiene to face, body and hair products, and from perfumes to make-up. At Res Pharma product innovation is spawned from a philosophy that takes the new needs of consumers into consideration: safety for consumers and for the environment, immediate and long lasting efficacy, personal well-being and the concept of natural. A naturality expressed through ingredients of controlled origin, a traceable process and the type of formulations. The determination to satisfy such requirements is what drives Res Pharma’s advanced research laboratories to study new PEG-Free ingredients, surfactants with a low environmental impact and active ingredients of natural origin. The ...