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Innovation: the challenge to crisis


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Cosmetics make up one of the few consumer sectors that have withstood the global economic crisis and clearly show the consolidation, in industrialized countries, of a “beauty care society”, where one’s looks and image are first priority in social and interpersonal relationships. In addition, the significant increase in the population’s average age is linked to the pursuit of health and psycho-physical wellbeing. Italy is Europe’s “oldest” country, and one of the oldest in the world. Partly, this is due to the low birth rate (1.4 children per woman), but also to medical prevention, a more conscious lifestyle and diet (on the 16th of November 2010 the Mediterranean diet has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, for the benefits it brings to health). Ageing well means taking care of one’s health and appearance, hence the great success of diets, cosmetics, tv shows and magazines telling us of and giving advice on health and beauty. ...