Luciano Caglioti: a gentleman of chemistry

L. Caglioti


A honorable man of chemistry has passed away - and Teknoscienze loses a key figure of its organisation. Professor Luciano Caglioti was one of the founders of the original publishing project that shaped what Teknoscienze is today, a leading publishing company worldwide in the sectors we specialise in.


Born into the world of chemistry (his father, Vincenzo Caglioti, a renown academic in Italy and former president of the CNR (Italian National Research Centre) from 1965 to 1972, had been a member of the world-acclaimed research group known as the “ Via Panisperna boys”, with Enrico Fermi and Ettore Maiorana. In that formidable group, being the only chemist amongst many physicists, he modestly used to recall those times by saying: “I was just the cook there”. Through his life, Luciano Caglioti has held teaching posts, has contributed to disseminating scientific knowledge and ... ...