TKS , a “brand” new “brand “ in the world’s scientific publishing business

TKS Tekno Scienze Publisher

Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today started back in 1983, the first journal ever launched by the Tekno Scienze publishing group. The journal rapidly became popular in the international scientific community.
Today, as we approach the journal's 30th anniversary, Tekno Scienze publishes three popular journals Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today, AgroFOOD industry hi-tech and HPC Household and Personal Care Today.
In addition, each of these journals comes out with a number of monograph supplements, which means a total of over 30 publications produced throughout the year.
Besides the aforesaid publications, we should also mention a number of scientific newsletters that are issued to regularly update readers on the most interesting and sometimes curious scientific and technological innovations related to chemistry, nutrition, cosmetics and detergents.
With publishing as its first vocational business, Tekno Scienze has subsequently entered a new business segment related to the organization of scientific conferences and technical seminars, indeed a natural evolution of the company's business activities given the expertise built through years of reporting on the ever developing ...