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Internet marketing – Advanced techniques for increased market share


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Information technology provides the tools for online marketing but classic marketing principles remain at the core of the marketing process. SEO (1) must be driven by the customer’s needs and wants and by the competitive presence on the internet. SEO is an integral part of the marketing plan and not a simple add-on to the website. The article discusses the importance of SEO integration in internet marketing and provides a six-stepped technique to enhance the presence of any type of enterprise on the web.


It is often said that Internet marketing and SEO (1) in particular is probably the most efficient and cost effective form of modern marketing. However, due to its somewhat technical nature it is often put to one side or ignored in favour of more traditional methods of marketing which are easier to understand and have existed for decades. This is more common where senior management and executive staff is unfamiliar with technology, the internet and electronic marketing in general. This lack of understanding often prevents companies from embracing and using technology effectively for marketing purposes.

In cases where online marketing activities do not provide the expected results, a failure to deliver is blamed either on the marketers or on the technical staff. However, the truth is that effective online marketing actually requires the collective input not only of marketers and technical staff but also the involvement of the brand team (where applicable) as well as strategic guidance and support from senior management. The principles behind online marketing are no different from marketing offline. ...