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Being truly global to be sustainable – Interview with Luca Mantovani – DSM Pharma Chemicals




Years of experience serving the needs of its customers has led DSM to regain in 2009 the 1st position in the global chemical sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. DSM’s technology and continuous innovation support sustainability and address the dilemmas facing the market. Let’s understand how with Luca Mantovani - President and Business Unit Director -DSM Pharma Chemicals.

What is your strategy to ensure that you can provide Innovation in all your processes?
DSM has invested in innovation via R&D and customer solutions for many years – micro reactors for over 10 years, biocatalysis for more than 30. In DSM and Pharma Chemicals, innovation in life sciences and material sciences is one of our key priorities globally; and the company as a whole has set very clear cut targets for growth via innovation. Most of innovation in the pharma chemicals space is for new chemical entities (NCE), with large, medium and small pharmaceutical companies. I ...

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