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Peder Holk Nielsen, President & CEO of Novozymes


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H&PC Today: Let’s speak about Novozymes, which was started in 1925 by the brothers Harald and Thorvald Pedersen as Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium with the aim to produce insulin.

H&PC Today: A long history since then. What is Novozymes today?
Today, we are the world leader in industrial enzymes – and the journey has certainly been an interesting one. In 2013, Novozymes was estimated to have a 48%1(1) share of the global enzyme market – selling more than 700 products all over the world for applications as diverse as detergents, biofuels, agriculture, food and beverages, biopharmaceuticals, wastewater, textiles and pulp & paper. As an innovation-based company, we invest approximately 14 % of our revenue into research and development, and h ...