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Elevating clean



Global Launch Manager, Novozymes, Household Care

Novozymes launches Blaze® Evity®and Stainzyme® Plus Evity: two newautomatic dishwasher detergentenzymes that will raise the barfor consistent performance –and deliver just what the marketordered.
Manufacturers of automaticdishwasher detergents faceseveral challenges: effectivelyremoving tough soils such as eggyolk, minced meat, and rice;providing consumers withconvenient and consistentperformance; and delivering eco-effi cient products that perform aswell as their traditional counterparts.
Novozymes provides answers to allthese challenges, with an elite suiteof automatic dishwash solutions:Blaze Evity and Stainzyme PlusEvity. Blaze addresses all types ofprotein soils, such as egg yolk andminced meat, while Stainzyme Plus effectively takes on starch-based soils, such as rice and pasta. Both come with Evity, Novozymes’stabilization platform that ensuresconsistent performance even after harsh storage conditions.Together these solutions create asynergistic effect that enables alldetergents, including phosphatefreeformulations, to improvecleaning effi ciency.


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