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A thought on the recent earthquake and tsunami in Sendai

Mr Ryuma Nagata is a colleague from the Japanese specialized press. He belongs to the staff of the journal “The Chemical Daily – Japan Chemical Web” (
I met Mr Nagata in February, during a stay in Shenzhen, China, where we both attended the PCHI 2011. We shared the taxi to the hotel and then attended together several moments of the event. I remember that one morning Mr Nagata told me that he spent the preceding evening in his hotel room eating instant noodles and working on an article for his journal. I tried to reach Mr Nagata via e-mail the day after the catastrophe, which hit Japan the last weeks. Now, while I am writing this piece, besides the disaster left by the earthquake followed by a tsunami, which provoked so many victims, media are reporting about the nuclear alert at the plant in Fukushima. In the very same moments I am writing this article there are thousands of desperate people fl eeing from their homes. Nevertheless, despite all tragedies, these people show that admirable dignity and pride that only Japanese people can have! Japan, the third most important country among developed countries, is today facing an un ...

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