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Creating value through innovation and sustainability


BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, D-67056, Germany

When it comes to product requirements, consumers nowadays are looking for the best of both worlds: products that are both sustainable and innovative. This means they want to know which benefi t and performance products have and to what extent they correspond to sustainable approaches. These factors are of course important to them when deciding which products to buy. Generally speaking, the issue of sustainability has signifi cantly moved up the public agenda in recent years, and this is refl ected in the growing demand for sustainable products. This refers to various markets, including the nutrition, energy solutions, coatings and agrosolutions industry. In the care chemicals market in particular, the number of products and formulations using innovative and effi cient ingredients to improve sustainability is rapidly increasing – both for industrial & institutional cleaning as well as home and personal care products. In today’s economic climate, companies who want to clearly position themselves need to differentiate from their competitors – in order to do this, they need the ability to quickly bring a constant stream of innovations to market. Innovation do ...

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