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Trade Associations: Supporting companies in the surfactants supply chain


*Corresponding author
British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS), United Kingdom
Member of Household and Personal Care Today’s, Scientific Advisory Board

The supply chain in the surfactants sector is very complex and includes raw material suppliers, surfactant ingredient manufacturers, formulators, distributors, retailers and end-users and the numerous service providers who support these businesses. In order to function effectively, remain competitive and foster innovation, businesses must be fully conversant with the regulatory environment in which they operate and be acutely aware of the many raw material, ingredient, application and market trends impacting on their spheres of activity and the drivers behind them. Membership of a relevant trade association can provide access to much of this information.

Whereas the large companies in the supply chain will be well resourced and generally self sufficient, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often lack manpower, time and the relevant contacts to be fully informed concerning key issues. In general, this is where trade associations can provide a supporting role in enabling such businesses to function more effectively both at a national and European level. The surfactant ingredient, household product, detergents and personal care sectors are all areas well-served by appr ...

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