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BACS – Surfactants Courses


BACS British Association for Chemical Specialities

BACS (the British Association for Chemical Specialties) has developed a series of training courses for the surfactants sector. The courses are designed to provide practical information for those working in the surfactants and related sectors. The courses currently available are as follows;


12 September 2012: Manchester
This course has been specifically designed for non-chemists and those chemists with no or only a limited knowledge of surfactants. It aims to provide a basic understanding of surfactants,
including their function and applications.
The course material is of a descriptive nature which will be readily understood by the
non-chemist. The course has been devised by BACS members with considerable knowledge of
the surfactants industry. The course tutor will be Mr Harry Motson who has many years of
experience of surfactants, and has worked extensively in t ...

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