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Thanaka loose powder and liquid foundation preparations


*Corresponding author
Mae Fah Luang University School of Cosmetic Science Chiang Rai, 57100, Thailand


Thanaka or Naringi crenulata was evaluated in its physicochemical properties. Apparent density of particulate (≤ 45 μm) stem and bark were 0.4514 ± 0.0060 and 0.5801 ± 0.0076 g/ml. SPF of the bark was greater (1.51± 0.31) than stem (1.13 ± 0.04), although lower than TiO2 (1.99 ± 0.09). Colour of the powders was stable following 6 cycles of heating-cooling similar to at under different temperatures for 90 days (ΔE = 0.02 – 0.43). Stem wood was chosen to prepare loose powder based on its lighter yellow and weight with a finer texture in addition to liquid absorptive that comparable to talcum. The bark was prepared into o/w liquid foundation due to its higher SPF. The developed thanaka products were evaluated on their stability and preference in the panelist.

Natural cosmetics are of important and receiving a highly demand in the cosmetic consumer (1). There are several herbal cosmetics have been approached meeting the consumers’ interest. However, some remain obscure and lacking of the scientific supported. Naringi crenulata that commonly known as thanaka has been continuously served as the traditional cosmetics in Myanmar and some part of Thailand. Thanaka ground on the flat round stone moist with water for facial skin application. It has long been accepted as the herbal sunscreen with a skin lightening and nourishing effects. Although arbutin, skin lightening agent, had been reported in thanaka (2), scientific evidence confers its sun protection efficacy is lacked. Physicochemical properties including colour stability are absented, although there are some thanaka cosmetics commercialized in the market. The characters relevant to thanaka formulation was subjected to study and present in this research.

N. crenulata was collected from the national forest in Northern Thailand. The bark and stem were separately dried and pulverized into powde ...

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