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Bacteria, yeasts, moulds and… viruses


Formula Protection Product Manager, ROELMI HPC

When we speak about microorganisms, in the Personal Care field, we are fairly familiar with bacteria, yeasts and moulds; Cosmetics can get contaminated by microbes, reason why preservatives are essential to prevent spoilage and guarantee products’ safety and stability. To check preservatives efficacy in cosmetics, standard microbiological tests are available, they are all based on substances activity against standard microorganisms reported in Table 1. It is evident that, if needed, also additional type of microbes can be used to check the antimicrobial efficacy of preservatives.


In the past months, not only the Personal Care field, but the whole global population got more and more familiar with a microorganism, which is structurally and functionally far from bacteria and fungi: virus. Actually, viruses are not new in the human history, they are probably present on Earth far before our species evolved into its modern form. From common cold, that the majority of us had at least once in their life, to more severe viral diseases, humans continuously study and try to fight viruses. The pandemic caused by the last discovered Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)< ... ...

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