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Haircare trends; present & future


Beauty Trends & Innovations Consultant., United Kingdom


Hair hygiene and sanitisation will be at the forefront of the post Covid-19 revival of the haircare segment. The pandemic will be the dominant health concern but 360 wellbeing is and will remain important for consumers. 360 wellbeing covers self care, protection, clean and safe formulas with a new interest in allergen free haircare. The consumer is also concerned with the planet & its climate, so wellbeing also extends to more sustainable alternatives. Waterless beauty is the future of more sustainable and convenient haircare. 

In haircare the biggest education of consumers in recent years has been that on the importance of scalp care. Interest and care for the scalp will grow with the microbiome to come more into the spotlight and bring about much innovation.

Haircare is a market that has been consistently growing in size, thanks to the evolution of the segment. Innovation and demand for natural & organic haircare solutions have driven the growth in recent years. The upcoming trends however, are set to bring about much change and innovation as a consequence of the recent pandemic.



COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on beauty as a whole, including the haircare segment, and is set to change the market forever. The unprecedented climate of late will unavoidably have an effect on the haircare trends in coming years. Consumers will have a new attitude towards all aspects of self hygiene after a period of such intense scrutiny; this will also translate to hair hygiene.


As seen in the aftermath of the SARS outbreak in China, consumers will increase the regularity with which they wash their hair. Although not proven that COVID 19 can spread via the hair as SARS could, many authorities encourage long hair to be tied back when in public. New mindsets and habits as a result will not only translate to an increase in cleansing haircare ...

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