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New polyurethane polymer generation for hair styling



*Corresponding author

1. Covestro Deutschland AG, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60, 51365 Leverkusen, Germany

2. Covestro China Limited, Shanghai Polymer R&D Center, 33, Qin Qjao Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Pudong, Shanghai 201206, P.R., China


Polyurethane-35 is a new generation of polyurethane hair fixative polymer, designed for use in waxes, creams mousses and other water-based styling products. Formulations with this new polymer exhibit very strong hold, unmatched high humidity resistance and excellent shape memory effect without compromising aesthetics. In addition, styling properties and aesthetics are not affected at high humidity conditions, allowing the use of Polyurethane-35 in arid and in humid climatic conditions as well.


Grooming routines are changing around the world, leading to new consumer demands for hair styling products.  Many of them still contain traditional hair fixative polymers, such as Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP)-based polymers, which are mainly responsible for styling performance. Although these traditional hair fixative polymers impart strong hold, there is still room for improvement. They tend to have poor humidity resistance, high tackiness after drying, or/and excessive flaking. In addition, they lack aesthetical appeal, in particular flexible and natural looking hair. PVP-based polymers impart a brittle and stiff hold, giving an old fashioned “helmet”-look hairdo. Some years ago, a new generation of hair fixative polymers based on polyurethane chemistry was launched. These modern hair fixative polymers impart unique advantages to hair styling products such as superior resistance to high humidity, excellent shape memory effect, efficient heat protection, and conditioning properties.  Hold intensity and stiffness can be adjusted to the desired effect, by combining PU based technology with PVP based polymers. The novel polyurethane ha ...

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