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Studies to understand the rates of moisture adsorption and desorption in hair


TRI Princeton, New Jersey, USA

KEYWORDS: hair, heat styling, water adsorption, Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS), kinetics.
Improved knowledge pertaining to the adsorption rates of moisture in hair has relevance in attempts to elucidate pathways for prolonging temporary heat-induced hair styles. Specifically, there is desire to understand whether such rates can be manipulated by external treatments. The Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) technique is a suitable approach for performing such testing; but, at the same time, many experimental variables can influence results. As such, without recognition and control of these variables, there is potential for results and conclusions to be muddled by experimental artifacts. This article describes fundamental studies to highlight and understand such variables, so future experiments can proceed appropriately.

The properties of hair are so dependent on its moisture content, it has been suggested that water should be considered an integral part of its complex structure1,2. Water acts as a plasticizer for hair by solvating elec ...