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Into the blue
Vibracolor® Moonlight Blue: A new opportunity for hair colorant manufacturers


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Marketing Manager, Hair Care Europe
BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH
40789 Monheim, Germany


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ABSTRACT: With individualism on the rise, a change of hair color is the perfect way for many consumers to express themselves. For both men and women, a new shade is a great way to achieve a style change and get a whole new look. As a result, offering a wide variety of shades is essential for hair dye manufacturers to succeed. But it is often not easy to launch new colors, as hair dyes are among the most thoroughly assessed and heavily regulated consumer products in Europe. Now, harnessing its deep insight into consumer needs and its expertise in hair dye chemistry, BASF’s Personal Care business has developed a new blue opportunity for hair colorants: Vibracolor® Moonlight Blue. This new hair dye offers formulators the opportunity to easily create a variety of blue shades – from brilliant, trendy blues to darker hues, including brown. In addition, the new direct dye stands out in terms of color intensity and brilliance, as well as low-use concentration. ...