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Before buying dietary supplements, follow this advice


Walk down the dietary supplements aisle of your local pharmacy, health food store or retail store and you’re likely to be faced with hundreds of different options. However, what you may not know is that some of these supplements may not be all that they claim. Here are some things you should consider to make a more educated decision when purchasing a supplement.



Do seek a medical opinion

Some supplements can interact with prescription medication or even have negative effects on recovery from surgery. So before you head over to the supplement aisle, make sure to consult with your physician so you can understand which supplements are best suited for you and your health.


Do look for certification

Certification by an independent third-party organization, such as NSF International, can help bring you peace of mind about the safety of the supplement. Certification to American National Standard NSF/ANSI 173 confirms that the product has been tested and certified to be fr ... ...

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