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Behaviourally driven design – Reimagining packaging with behavioural science

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HCD Research, Flemington, USA

No matter what your product is – cosmetics, personal care, home care, food, etc. – packaging is universal and the first (and likely most important) communication with your consumer.

Whether you are in marketing or R&D, you should be concerned about how your products are packaged. Packaging alone can influence a consumer’s perception of the product and brand, and influence purchasing decisions. It can involve product windows so that consumers can evaluate the product itself, messaging and brand information to attract the consumer’s attention, and even sustainable and environmentally-friendly design for moral appeal.


Clearly, packaging and labeling are essential for product identification and awareness. They provide customers information about the product, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, volume and best-before dates. But they also play an integral role in marketing through enhancing the products’ appearance AND influencing the consumer’s perception.

A memorable packaging experience can nudge customers to purchase… and repurchase.

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