Benefits of a digital operations platform In the context of pharmaceutical and chemical industries


*Corresponding author
1. Chemical Industry Manager USA, Siemens
2. BioPharma Industry Manager USA, Siemens


The intent of this article is to aid readers in the tasks of positioning and scope definition of digital transformation when it comes to the operations space relevant to pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. This topic is multi-disciplinary and extends beyond what is typically taught in educational institutes or included in a single professional diploma. Re-skilling and up-skilling efforts are required to reach increasingly productive ways of work in a modern and complex value chain. One way to advance our industries is to take an approach similar to the digital operations platform described in this article and drive this end-to-end concept home with colleagues across relevant organizations, collaborating towards common goals, and advancing digital business capabilities.

The benefits of data captured during an end-to-end production of pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredient or drug product or specialty chemicals have proven to enhance process understanding, production, and quality. However, the industries are challenged with the design of their digital operations platform and the application areas to enable the proven advantages in a holistic way.


Some of the central components or modules are:

  • Operations Digital Twin
  • Engineering digital twin
  • First principle digital twin
  • Optimized digital twin
  • Operator training digital twin
  • Production digital twin
  • Asset health digital
  • Mobile worker digital twin

Digital twins are based on the simulation of process equipment and emulation of control equipment enabling virtual commissioning and operator training capabilities with real-time process optimization and control based on previous data and deliverables.
This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled health monitoring of control and process equipme ...