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Bernardo Medeiros – General Manager of Lubrizol Life Science, Beauty & Home


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In the last few years we have seen that beauty, health and wellness markets continue to converge. How is Lubrizol acting toward this trend? What is the added value Lubrizol can give to its customers?


Our recent internal restructure mirrors what the markets are doing by integrating our inside expertise across health, beauty and home. Our new Lubrizol Life Science brand brings together a broader set of proficiencies in formulation and product development so that ideas can be easily shared on how to help our customer bring truly distinct, life-advancing products to market.



What are Lubrizol’s key milestones achieved until now?


Our Carbopol® polymer serves as a great example of how we’ve leveraged technologies and synergies across our internal business groups to develop unique offerings and accelerate finished goods to market for global marquee ... ...

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