Carin Seechurn, Associate Director – Technology Solutions – Sinocompound


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How does Sinocompound ensure that customers can access the best-performing catalysts and ligands, particularly in the area of non-PGM catalysis and rarer catalyst and ligand technologies like Pd G6 precats, from R&D to manufacturing phases?
We are always on the look-out for new, promising technologies. For instance, in the area of non-PGM catalysis we are working with leading academics (Prof. Mark Stradiotto and Prof. Keary Engle) to make novel nickel catalysts commercially available to industrial chemists. Similarly in the copper catalysis area we have collaborated with Prof. Dan Weix and Prof. Dawei Ma to make their ligands for cross-coupling chemistry available. Regarding palladium G6 pre-catalysts, developed by Prof. Buchwald’s research group, we have launched a catalyst kit that contains 8 pre-catalysts, and are working to expand this series to additional ligands, too. If any of these catalysts or ligands were ... ...