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Elynn Xu – Project Manager – Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions

Q: PCHi 2008-2014. The seventh edition of the show concluded few weeks ago and the organization of the 2015 edition is already on-going. PCHi is a great history of success, isn’t it?
Indeed, we just wrapped up PCHi 2014 and it has been our most successful show to date. Since the first edition in 2008, it’s been seven good years and we are thankful for the tremendous support we’ve had so far. As you’ve rightly pointed out, preliminary works are underway for PCHi 2015.

PCHi has really grown in terms of exhibitor and visitor quality, and this is an area that will continue to be a priority so as to enhance the overall PCHi experience for all participants. We endeavour to attract even more industry professionals to PCHi through careful curation of our knowledge-sharing and networking platforms.

Q: Since its first edition PCHi has been growing continuously both in the number of visitors and exhibitors. How was the trend this year?
PCHi has built a reputation amongst industry professionals as a quality trade event, and this is evident from our growth over the years. This year, we experienced a breaking record in ...