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ROFARMA – Your partners in natural coating technology


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Founded in 1991 as Italian official distributor of Eudragit®, coating polymers of Evonik GmbH, Rofarma Italia Srl has developed in these years an R&D department able to provide a 360° service in Pharmaceutical Coating
In 2002 the company started its business in the Nutraceuticals and since 2008 it has been by the Italian Ministry of Health to perform coating as contract manufacturer of oral solid forms in the dietary food field. One of its most innovative solutions for dietary coatings is AMPRAC, a water based-polymer for control delivery of solid dosage forms. To learn more on Rofarma and its customized services we spoke at Vitafoods exhibition with Angela Colombo, Technical Director for nutraceuticals production.

1. What is the purpose of coating?
Coating is the last step in the production of solid dosage forms and it is used for different applications as:

  • cosmetic
  • protection 
  • taste and odour masking
  • control release ...

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