Carla MOESSINGER, Business Development Manager for IV Solutions & Contract Manufacturing, Marga Viñes, Senior Business Development Manager for Contract Manufacturing at Grifols


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How does Grifols Partnership ensure successful project completion when working with small and emerging pharma companies, and what key factors contribute to the alignment of commercial strategies between both organizations?
CM: We align our commercial strategies to support mutual growth and prosperity, ensuring a win-win outcome for both parties.


Transparency is another essential element in the successful alignment of strategies. As a small division, we value open and honest communication with our clients, providing them with clear insights into our processes, timelines, and potential challenges, which builds trust and helps us identify areas where we can collaborate effectively.


In conclusion, our success in ensuring project completion with small and emerging companies stems from our adaptability, shared vision, transparency, and access to resources as a small division within a large corporation. These factors play a pivotal role in forging strong partnerships and driving mutual success in the projects we undertake.


How does Grifols Partnership’s flexibility, understanding, and ... ...