Blockchain technology: The Guar supply chain game-changer


*Corresponding author
Solvay, Paris, France


Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI) is an integrated program set up by Solvay, L’Oréal, HiChem and the NGO TechnoServe, and is based on 4 themes:
1. Agronomy
2. Environment
3. Social impact
4. Market improvement

The blockchain technology project was launched in India in 2017 making it the first blockchain project to be launched on a soft commodity involving real on-field users in India. 

Traceability of the origin of the natural feedstock is a critical requirement to sustainable sourcing and the use of the blockchain technology is a digital, flexible, and secure solution that enables us to store and record transactions.


Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) is an annual legume plant that grows in semi-arid regions. Bikaner district in Rajasthan, India is one of the largest producers of guar in India (1). Guar is drought-tolerant and can be eaten green like snap beans, fed to cattle or used as a green manure. 

It bears many bean-like pods, each of which contains six to nine small, rounded seeds (2).

The guar seed is typically made up of 40% germ, 45% endosperm, and 15% husk (3). The gum is obtained from the grounded endosperm rich in galactomannan, and is used for further applications in chemical and cosmetic industry as thickening agent due to the formation of gel in contact with water (4, 5).

This project SGI is co-lead by Solvay and L’Oreal for final applications in personal care products, but Guar is also used on other markets for their binding, thickening or stabilizing properties, for instance in the food industry, in oil well drilling, in agriculture, etc ...


Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI) is an integrated program aiming a ...