The evolution of blockchain and what it means in the FMCG space


FMCG Gurus, St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Consumers are becoming less trusting of the products and brands that they purchase. This is something that is being driven by several factors. However ultimately, these factors can be grouped together, with consumers feeling that brands and products are often driven more by corporate greed rather than having the best interests of the consumer at heart. This is something that has intensified over the last decade in a post-recessionary environment, with consumers who are juggling and struggling with their finances seeing major stories about the policies and practices of brands that can be deemed misleading.


As such, products and brands need to look for ways to help maximize consumer trust. The growing introduction of blockchain technology within the food, drink and supplement industry is one way of helping achieve this. However, it also needs to be taken into consideration that challenges exist when it comes to the introduction of such ... ...