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Delivering safe and valued products through sustainability and advanced technology


Frost & Sullivan, India


Food safety and sustainability are gaining high prominence. Companies across the world are emphasizing the use of in-house experts who can maintain an effective food safety system and comply with standards and regulations through third-party audits. 

A science-based approach, supply chain integration, risk management, and track and trace are key aspects that will support best practices in the food value chain. Manufacturers and brand owners use self-assessment and audit tools that help facilitate the process of optimization and minimize costs.

An increase in health consciousness among consumers, environmental concerns and investment by food and beverage companies drive the plant-based food and beverages market. Widening distribution channels through supermarkets, hypermarkets, online retail and specialty stores dominate the food and beverages industry and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Food safety, traceability and sustainability are buzz words in the food and beverages industry and find applications from the farm to products on the shelf. Packaging plays an important role on all products. Developed nations are highly concerned about sustainability and recyclability. The EU, for instance, has set 2030 targets for recycling rates of various packaging materials: 55% of plastic, 30% of wood, 60% of aluminum, 75% of glass and 85% of paper and cardboard.


Plastic waste has been a key concern for rigid plastic packaging manufacturers in North America, urging them to cater to consumers, who demand greater use of alternative materials such as paper and aluminum, which are more sustainable. Besides material used in packaging, information on product packaging is imperative for consumers as they focus more on where the food was processed. Frost & Sullivan no longer sees “clean label” as a trend; it is more of a consumer demand. Clarity, connection and credibility are key parameters that consumers are looking for when choosing products. Many consumers seek products “without artificial ingredients” or “without additives or preservatives, ...

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