Boost immune health with patented strain of Bacillus subtilis
Probiotic strain LifeinUTM B. subtilis CU1 clinically proven to stimulate immune responses in healthy people with weakened natural defences

on behalf of Lesaffre Human Care


Beneficial effects of LifeinUTM Bacillus subtilis CU1 consumption were demonstrated in a four-month clinical trial conducted in healthy seniors in collaboration with an independent expert in Gastroenterology. Findings showed that a small daily dosage significantly boosts natural defences by increasing secretory Immunoglobulins A concentrations in the intestine and in saliva, and reduces the frequency of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. LifeinUTM BSCU1 therefore can help the whole family (1) maintain a powerful immune system at all times; helping consumers better face infections, stay healthy and perform well every day. Being highly stable, LifeinUTM BSCU1 can survive extreme conditions which allows it to deliver its health benefits through a diverse range of dietary supplements as well as food and beverage applications.

The immune system evolves throughout life and so does the subsequent immune support needed. While age is the first to impact our body’s natural defences, modern life can fill us with excessive stress and fatigue which can lead to the weakening of our natural defences and leave us more sensitive to pathogens. A number of other factors, such as intense training, lack of sleep or changing seasons can put anyone at risk of increased susceptibility to infections such as the flu, common colds, gastroenteritis, etc. The common cold for example, as one of the leading causes of missed days of school and work absenteeism, represents a significant economic burden for society. Although most adult catch a cold only two to four times a year, children and the elderly, who are more vulnerable, are likely to catch a cold up to ten times a year. Aware that maintaining powerful natural defences at all time is key to staying healthy and performing well every day, consumers are now looking for safe and effective natural solutions to boost their immune system. Nowadays, more and more people are familiar with the immune health benefits of ingredients like min ...