SK pharmateco – Building a Sustainable Global CDMO Business for the next century


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SK pharmteco was established in January 2020 to bring together SK biotek Korea, SK biotek Ireland, and AMPAC Fine Chemicals, a group of leading Small Molecule manufacturers, into a single customer-facing entity. This created substantial market synergies in the API CDMO space by combining highly complementary assets and expertise, driving efficiency for the benefit of our customers and their patients.


In less than 4 years, SK pharmteco is now a leading end-to-end CDMO. How did we do it? And what’s our metric of success for evolving the business?


To elaborate on the ‘how’, I must acknowledge our lineage; SK pharmteco is part of SK Group, Korea’s second largest conglomerate with $103.79bn revenue in 2023 to date, named as one of ... ...