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Barry Callebaut
Naturally sweet, naturally healthy
Barry Callebaut develops first mass-produced
no sugar added chocolate with stevia extract


Innovation Manager
Barry Callebaut Belgium, Aalstersestraat 122, 9280 Lebbeke, Wieze, Belgium

IntroductionGuilt-free indulgence used to be a faraway dream in the foodindustry. However, thanks to a little modern-day technology and a centuries-old plant, that dream is closer to a reality today than it has ever been. And the form of that consciencefriendlyindulgence? The world’s first mass-produced No Sugar Added chocolate made with extracts of the Stevia plant andthis without any laxative side effectsChocolate makers have searched far and wide for healthy, natural and safe ways to reduce the sugar content and associated calories of chocolate for decades. Developing aone-to-one replacement for sugar, however, which does notadversely affect the celebrated taste, texture and aroma oftraditional chocolate, poses a genuine challenge.Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has recently succeeded in developing asweetener solution being able to replace the sugar of traditional chocolate by 100%. This sweetener solutionis rich in fibers and has up to 65% fewer calories than sugar.