Lamberti – THE BEAUTY OF CLEAN MULTIFUNCTIONALITY – Versatile ingredients for tailored beauty needs


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Clean beauty, sustainability and eco-conscious formulations are reshaping traditional product formats. Nowadays consumers expect beauty routines to balance sensory appeal, efficacy and respect for the environment. Bio-based cationic guar polymers can come to the rescue, offering sustainable and multifunctional solutions aligned with market expectations.

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Today’s consumers are more educated and aware about beauty needs, and their expectations are getting higher. Beauty routines are moving away from basics, leaving space for fun and experimentation or simply for a moment of relax and wellbeing. At the same time, modern users are more conscious of the impact that they could have on the environment, they have refined their knowledge of ingredients, as well as their ability to read labels and judge compositions. In few words, the personal care market is experiencing a relentless evolution. Clean beauty sets some basic rules that eco-conscious formulators cannot ignore. Sustainability has become a ‘license to operate’: balancing sensory appeal, efficacy and eco-social responsibility can definitely be a challenge. Multifunctional, effec ... ...