Defining nutrients
Are some antioxidants left on the sidelines?

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There has been much debate on the value and substance of the various types of claims that are being made on different types of foods and components in foods, both in the US and in Europe. Claims on the content of antioxidants in productshave been increasing as the public becomes more aware of their function. At their most basic, claims are added to food labels to bring to the consumer's attention the benefit(s) of one or more of the components of the food product or, as is oftenthe case with fats, the reduced level of said component. Claim types in the US include health claims, structure/function claims and nutrient content claims.Nutrient content claims typically provide a statement regarding the level of one or more of the nutrients contained in a serving of the food product (e.g., “Contains twice the RDA of vitamin C per serving”). Nutrient content claims are generallybased on levels of nutrients that have been recommended by various nationally- and internationally-recognized scientificboards, such as the US National Academy of Sciences’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) or the European Union’s ScientificCommitte on Food (SCF). Termed Recommended Daily Allowan ...