What is next in transition metal catalysis?

Member of Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today’s Scientific advisory board

Organometallic chemistry represents the bridge between inorganic and organic chemistryand it is a great example of a fruitful interaction between multidisciplinary teams. One of theareas organometallic chemistry has made a major contribution towards is in the developmentof transition metal catalysis, often just referred as homogeneous catalysis. Homogeneous catalysishas had an enormous impact on the synthesis of commodity and fine-chemicals. Driven by a levelof innovation unmatched in any other area of chemistry it allows the cost effective manufacturingof important molecules. Unsurprisingly, within the last ten years three Nobel Prizes were awarded tosubjects of homogeneous catalysis. The importance of catalytic cross-coupling chemistry and theHeck reaction was recognised with last year’s, 2010 Nobel Prize (Suzuki, Heck, Negishi). Other greatachievements, namely olefin metathesis in this area were honoured in 2005 (Schrock, Grubbs, Chauvin),while in 2001, Noyori, Sharpless and Knowles were awarded the prize for the development of chiralligands, asymmetric hydrogenation and oxidation. ...