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Bursting the fake news bubble


Tks Publisher

There is no doubt that interpersonal communication today occurs in ways that were unthinkable only a few years ago. Smartphones and social platforms have radically changed our lives by creating new habits - not always positive ones.
I recall train trips where, if you got unlucky, you could find yourself in a train carriage with a bunch of school kids with the
care-free screaming and noise they usually make.

Today, sharing a train carriage with a group of kids would probably occur in complete silence, because of smartphone use (or, perhaps, we should say abuse). It’s not just the kids to blame of course – everybody seems to enjoy being swept away into compulsive texting and online navigation as soon as we have a chance to take our phones out of the pocket.

Technology progress is obviously something amazing, yet it does bring some risks along with it.

The problem is that navigation often occurs on the surface of news only. We stop at the titles, trust the breaking news without even bothering to check, because there’s simply no time for that – we just can’t help scrolling down to more and more news.
The uncontrolled, fran ...

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