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2003 -2013: a new day in HPC Today

Dear Readers,
             We’ve got a new day in HPC Today!

January 2013 will see HPC Today change from being a quarterly journal to becoming a bimonthly publication. Six issues per year instead of four, supplemented along the year with our traditional series of monographies dedicated to specific topics.

This change celebrates the success of a journal now approaching its tenth anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2013 - indeed a milestone. And, more to celebrate, 2013 will be the thirtieth year of activity of our editorial group, TeknoScienze.
HPC Today first issue dates back to 2003, when it came out as a supplement to Chemistry Today. At that time, Chemistry Today was increasingly specialising in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, thus did not have enough space for cosmetics, personal care and detergency, a peculiar world having specific needs, which indeed required more attention, in the form of a dedicated supplement. As a natural development, five years ago the supplements to Chemistry Today dedicated to Household and Personal Care became a separate Journal: Household and Perso ...

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