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Expo 2015: feeding the planet, energy for life – A necessity, a priority


Silvana Maini
Editorial Director
Agro Food industry Hi Tech / TKS Publisher

Several years ago, I was in Cairo. We had been invited to attend a medical conference. It actually turned out to be a very nice experience. Everyone gave us a warm and friendly welcome and all the Egyptians we met were so nice to us, and the city was amazing, so beautiful and full of history. I'd also like to take the opportunity of this editorial piece to wish Egypt a future of peace and development, much deserved by a country whose beauty and kind people strike you at first encounter. Having said that, as we went around the conference speaking to people about the editorial content of our journals, we also had the chance to illustrate our A-FOOD Industry hi tech journal to the organisers of the conference, thus described that the journal focuses on health ingredients, functional food, food supplements, as all our readers know very well. After letting me talk for a bit, one of the people listening to me told me: "Dear Doctor, thank you for your very interesting presentation, however our main issue here is not dietary supplements, but rather the very food we're lacking..."
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