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Benefits of a Mangifera indica L. fruit powder for well-aging – In vitro investigation of effects on master regulators for the aging process

*Corresponding author
1. Vital Solutions Swiss AG, Hauptstr. 137C, 8274 Tägerwilen, Switzerland
2. Vital Solutions GmbH, Hausingerstrasse 6, 40764 Langenfeld, Germany


Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is not only a delicious fruit but also known for its nutritional value. The fruits contain significant levels of bioactive compounds including polyphenols and vitamins. A special Mangifera indica L. fruit powder was used to investigate the activation of master regulators of the aging process such as sirtuin 1 and AMP activated protein kinase. Furthermore, related effects like mitochondrial biogenesis as well as anti-oxidative effects based on superoxide dismutase activity augmentation were investigated. As a result, the special Mangifera indica L. fruit powder showed activation of these master regulators and related modulation underlining potential beneficial effects for well aging.


Aging is associated with several structural and metabolic changes leading to a decrease in physical strength and endurance as well as to a decline in efficiency of body organs. As we age, the function of mitochondria declines leading to disturbances in energy homeostasis and metabolism, and proper cell viability. Thus the risk of age related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes, overweight and age related muscle degeneration increases. Today, there is a difference of at least seven years between the "healthy life expectancy" and total life expectancy at birth (1).
More recent scientific studies associate nutrition in particular calorie restriction with healthy aging (2). Energy homeostasis and related metabolic processes are steered by the evolution and conserved metabolic sensors sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) and AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK). During calorie restriction, SIRT1 and AMPK are activated and stimulate a cascade of metabolic processes, e.g. increased fatty acid oxidation, inhibition of cholesterol, fatty acid as well as triglyceride synthesis, enhanced muscle glucose uptake and ...

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