Danger drives development and how long-term thinking lowers future risks


Stamato Solutions LLC, New Jersey, USA

The threat of the virus has sparked record breaking development of therapeutic agents and vaccines. Two of the vaccines use technology that will be approved for the commercial use for the first time.


There are more challenges ahead. Without “shots in shoulders” we cannot return to anything like a “normal” existence. This fact emphasizes the importance of technology transfer, manufacturing, and supply chain in the delivery of medicines. These components are equally worthy of praise and investment as scientists in research or the health care workers, of every kind, who are on the front line of treating patients.


As we emerge from the pandemic, let us honor those claimed by it and those whose hard work and sacrifice are getting us through it by learning and modifying our behavior as much after the pandemic as in it. What lessons should we take forward?

Two of the COVID-19 vaccines use mRNA technology. The seeds of that technology have long roots going back over 30 years. In those early days there was a chance it would never go forward. Eventually it gained ground and has accelerated in the last 10 years.  Develo ...