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The bearable lightness of sustainability


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Several years ago, an Italian television programme suddenly became a cult show.

A group of personalities, musicians, actors, comedians, intellectuals gave life to a television show that was the triumph of non-sense, with all sorts of jokes and bizarre improvisations.

Well, among the various “experts” who animated the surreal debates there was one who always quoted the same book to make a point about his ruminations: “The unbearable lightness of being” by the Czech-born French writer Milan Kundera.

Thanks to this daily hammering from the tv, The unbearable lightness of being became a fast-selling book for a while. Many did indeed buy it (that’s the power of tv chatter!), yet nobody knows how many of these have actually read it.

I am among the ones who haven’t read it and left it to collect dust on the bookshelves.

So, basically we have that everyone was talking about this book, many bought it, only a few actually read it.

Let me get to the point. 

The term “sustainability”, which years ago was used mostly in the world of chemistry to define good or bad products and ...

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