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CELUS-BI®: The new sustainable cosmetic horizon


*Corresponding author
Brasca srl, Via Celeste Milani, 24, 21040 Origgio (VA), Italy


For our Planet’s growth path it is a strong need the pursuit of a sustainable development carried out on continuous research and production of solutions with a low-impact on Environment. The cosmetic market, in line with this trend, is requiring a new generation of eco-friendly ingredients, based on performance, People safety and Environment preservation. Thanks to a knowledge-based partnership, a different driver of innovation has been discovered in renewable and biodegradable cosmetic raw materials, to satisfy these urgent Sustainability needs. ROELMI HPC and Novamont have developed Celus-BI® Line: emollients and CLEANSING agents characterized by a wide range of sensorial performances in terms of touch, skin-feel and texture.


It is a need, for our Planet’s growth path, to pursuit a sustainable development carried out on continuous research and production of Nature-friendly cosmetic ingredients. Ethical and sustainable production seems to be the milestones of future cosmetics: we can think about it as the natural evolution of “cosmetic species”. For this reason, a responsible choice for a cosmetic ingredient is logic in regards to people safety, product efficacy, and environment preservation.

As customers give more and more interest to natural cosmetic ingredients and to ethical processes to obtain them, sustainable development is now becoming the main parameter of interest. Sustainability is here intended as the definition reported in The Future of Sustainability (1): “The core of mainstream sustainability thinking has become the idea of three dimensions: environmental, social and economic sustainability”.

Among these approaches, water footprint, innovation, local organic agriculture and maintenance of biological diversity in a sustainable economics context, were deeply taken into consideration within a project developed by Bras ...

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